Super-Fast Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal

I have recently introduced the Milesman Compact Diode Laser to my salon. Milesman Compact delivers high energy, fast, painless, permanent Laser Hair Removal treatments.


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Compact Treatments

Milesman Compact uses the latest Diode Laser Hair Removal technology. Specific wavelengths of Laser light are selectively absorbed by melanin, the dark pigment which surrounds the hair follicle.

The Laser heats the follicle and disables it at the root causing the hair to fall out permanently. Milesman Compact uses the optimal wavelength to deliver high energy ensuring best results.



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In just 5 – 7 sessions, Milesman Compact disables stem cells & hair is permanently removed.


Other low-power Lasers require over 9 sessions to only partially disable stem cells, meaning the hair will return.


VCSEL Technology

The new VCSEL technology distributes the energy homogeneously along the spot, eliminating the “hot spot” or “tack effect” that is a common feature in most previous technologies.


Using VCSEL technology, the energy is distributed uniformly across the skin area, which creates greater efficiency & less perceived pain.


Lasers without VCSEL technology, the energy is concentrated in the centre of the skin area, resulting in pain, irritation & risk of burning.


Pain Free Treatments

Milesman Compact laser uses an integrated ‘Cold Diode’ technology to keep the skin surface at a constant five degrees, thereby protecting the skin and ensuring a very comfortable treatment.


How many treatments are required?

All lasers can only treat hair in the growing stage, or visible on the surface of the skin. At any one point this represents approximately 30% of all hairs in the skin. The other hairs are dormant. There are three phases of hair growth and we need to treat all three phases for maximum clearance.

For most people this is achieved in 6 sessions, much less than many other lasers, some people may need 1 or 2 more sessions, whilst others with hormonal conditions may need maintenance from time to time.


Is it suitable for all skin types?

Milesman Compact can effectively treat all skin types. Unlike some other lasers or IPLs, there is no restriction on skin type and we can even treat tanned skin.


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